Commercial Hovercraft

The ultimate commercial Hovercraft - the Hoverbarge.

The Hoverbarge is designed with commercial industrial applications in mind.  Manufactured from steel, the robust Hoverbarge is designed as a true workhorse.

The 160 tonne payload Hoverbarge pictured below was designed by Mackace Ltd for The Alyeska Pipeline.

The Trans Alaskan pipeline was in danger of slowing down because at the center of its 1280 km route was the mile wide Yukon River - forming a hazardous natural barrier. 

With the road bridge behind schedule, the river frozen over part of the year and a strong, fast flowing river the remainder of the year, there was no solution for a continuous trucking service across the river.  Two 160 tonne payload commercial Hovercraft (the Hoverbarge) providing a roll on/roll off service were built in record time and provided the construction teams over 3000 tons of cargo a day, with an operating efficiency of 95%

The image of the 50 tonne payload Hoverbarge shows the new self propulsion system now available.

Commercial Hovercraft