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"HOVER90TM" - 90 tonne payload modular Hoverbarge

The HOVER90TM was constructed in 2011 and is owned by ST Marine, the parent company of Hovertrans Solutions.

Manufactured from cold weather steel and with a specialised skirt system, this Hoverbarge can operate in temperatures ranging from +40C to -40C. 

The Hoverbarge is designed using a modular concept which enables the Hoverbarge to be shipped around the world in modular sections of 40' x 8' and 20' x 8'. This modularity also opens up access for inland operations that require the use of a Hoverbarge.

Download the specification sheet for the HOVER90TM:

Click to download spec sheet

Click here to view pictures of the HOVER90TM

If you are interested in chartering or purchasing the HOVER90TM Hoverbarge please contact us.

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