Ice Roads Alternative
All season access, using the Hoverbarge

Keeping operations running through the seasons.

The Hoverbarge is an alternative to relying upon the ice roads for supplies shipments. Operating at 1 psi ground pressure compared to a human footprint of 8 psi, the Hoverbarge minimises environmental impact to the fragile terrain. Whilst using a series of smaller towed Hoverbarges, the configuration can be adapted to a long train enabling the Hoverbarge to pass through existing clearings without the need to widen them further.

Ice Road Hovercraft

Each Hoverbarge unit can carry a payload of 50 tonnes, allowing 200 tonnes of supplies to be transported at a single time. The Hoverbarge is fully amphibious and will float when off hover, providing a safe transportation system for crew and goods.

Configuring the Hoverbarges as a square, enables heavy loads to be spread over the four Hoverbarges, so shipping of oversized equipment becomes possible.

Ice Road Hovercraft

Hoverbarge Benefits:

- All season operations
- Operate over ice and tundra
- Use existing portages
- Use alternative routes
- Operate in the summer