Shallow Water Drilling
The Hover Drill Barge

Shallow Water Drilling in swamps and marshlands just got easier...

Access remote wetland and shallow water drilling areas using the Hoverbarge.

The Hoverbarge is a proven system for moving drill rigs in wetland and swamp areas. With the ability to hover at only 1 psi ground pressure ensures minimal impact is caused to the environment.

The ability to move the Hoverbarge and associated rig with ease, increases productivity whilst eliminating the need to build infrastructure in the wetland areas.

Wetlands Drilling

Toucan I Hover Drill Barge

The Toucan I is a 330 tonne payload Hoverbarge operated by a drilling company in the wetlands of Suriname. Designed with a clever key way slot, the Hoverbarge can hover onto and off the wellheads. The steel constructed Hoverbarge provides a stable platform for swamp drilling operations. Being fully amphibious the platform will float in deep water when off hover.

Hovertrans Solutions can design and manufacture the Hoverbarge to meet the specific requirements of the client.  However, Hovertrans Solutions does not supply the drilling equipment, operate or conduct drilling  operations.

Shallow Water Drilling

Hoverbarge in the Dead Sea

The shallow water drilling system has been designed to allow the Hoverbarge to sit on the sea bed in 5m of water, allowing drilling operations in tidal zones.

Shallow Water Drilling Hoverbarge

Mudflat Drilling Hoverbarge

Hover drill barge benefits:

- All season operations
- Drill in:
      Marsh / Swamps
      Shallow Water
      Tidal Zones
      Tundra / Ice
- Minimise environmental footprint
- Proven system in operation