Shallow Water Pipe Laying
Offshore pipe laying system over shallow water and land

Pipe laying in very shallow water or no water depth at all?

Pipe laying in shallow water areas, tidal zones, tundra and from land to sea using the hover pipe lay barge.

Pipe Laying Barge 

Constructed of steel and capable of operating in subzero temperatures, the Hoverbarge provides a great platform for pipe laying activities. The main cargo deck area is large and flat enabling easy installation and layout of the pipe laying and welding equipment.

The Hoverbarge is fully amphibious, so unlike conventional vessels it can operate in any water depth, or no water at all. This enables operations to continue unaffected by tidal conditions, marshland or pack ice.

The Hoverbarge only exerts 1 psi ground pressure when on hover, reducing the environmental footprint of your operations. The lift fans and engines are located on the periphery of the Hoverbarge in sound proofed enclosures.

Shallow Water Pipe Repair

This hover pipe lay barge has enough power and deck area for a standard pipe lay configuration complete with welding, grinding, inspection stations along the entire pipeline alley. The Hoverbarge is capable of holding a stinger when launching the completed pipeline.

Shallow Water Pipe Laying

Using self propelled Hoverbarges to supply pipes and equipment to the hover pipe lay barge completes the solution.

An alternative solution for using a pipe riser in shallow water or for shallow water pipe repairs is to use two Hoverbarges with a gantry between them as shown below.

Pipe Laying Up a Beach


- Pipe laying in shallow water
- Operate in freezing conditions
- Tidal zones
- Operate from land to deep sea
- Zero discharge
- Only 1psi ground pressure when
  on hover
- Self propelled supply Hoverbarges