Shallow Water Wind Farm Access
Transport equipment and cables over tidal areas, mudflats and shallow water

Tidal wind farm location?

Access tidal offshore wind farms using the Hoverbarge.

The Hoverbarge provides the perfect solution to operate in tidal, mudflat and shallow water areas. Wind farm companies and contractors are often faced with the challenge of operating between tides, or during specific seasons to gain access to construct new wind farms or to maintain existing ones. The Hoverbarge, which is amphibious, can hover in any water depth and over mud flats, allowing continued operation regardless of tides.

Shallow Water Wind Farm

The steel heavy weight construction of the Hoverbarge and flat top deck makes it a true industrial workhorse; a perfect operating platform for activities such as cable laying or carrying spare parts and equipment.

The Hoverbarge uses industrial diesel engines and is simple to operate with redundancy built in to ensure minimal downtime.

  • Shallow water access
  • Mudflat access
  • Tidal area access


- Cable laying
- Transporting parts
- Maintenance
- Extending operating seasons