The infrastructure to deliver

World Wide Offices
Hovertrans Solutions head office is located in Singapore, supported by offices in Houston, USA and Southampton, UK.  This global presence enables quick response and the ability to "follow the sun" to enable support at any time of the day regardless of the time zone you are in.

ST Marine's Engineering Design Centre is supported by a team of in house designers and engineers and along with the support and expertise from the UK office provides Hovertrans Solutions with the capacity to react to your needs.

Using the infrastructure of ST Marine's shipyards, including US based shipyards for compliance with the US Jones act, Hovertrans Solutions can provide a complete one-stop solution.  Manufacturing of other items such as pre-fabricated modules for the oil and gas industry is also possible enabling us to deliver complete solutions.

Benoi Yard - Singapore

Syncrolift 1
- Inner Berth - 66m x 16m
- Lifting Capacity of 2,000 tonnes
- Dock vessels up to 6,000 dwt

Syncrolift 2
- Inner Breadth - 119m x 20m
- Lifting capacity of 6,000 tonnes
- Dock vessels up to 12,500 dwt

500m of deep water wharves

7 fully equipped outfitting workshops

Permanent Launch way:
- Vessel size about 165m x 28m
- 30,000 dwt vessel
- 150 tonnes portal crane
- Launching weight of 8,000 tonnes

Construction Halls:
2 covered construction halls, with overhead cranage support

Tuas Shipyard - Singapore

Floating Dock 1
- Inner Breadth - 185m x 33.2m
- Lifting capacity of 17,000 tonnes
- Dock vessels up to 40,000 dwt

Floating Dock 2
- Inner Breadth - 240m x 41.8m
- Lifting capacity of 28,000 tonnes
- Dock vessels up to 70,000 dwt

Two 250m piers with travelling cranes

- A 100 tonne floating crane
- Various cranes with extensive coverage
- Up to 150 tonnes crawler cranes

5 covered workshops with cranes